Tenluxe Snaxin textile cleaner

Tenluxe Snaxin Ink Cleaner 101, 202, 303, 404

Some stains can be washed in water while others require more work. We have developed a series of water-based solvents for dealing with different types of stains.

Snaxin 101 Anti-Animal & Vegetable Oil Stains
Decompose stains on textile materials such as yellow stains, blood, sweet stains (juice, coffee or tea spills), caused of vegetable, animal oil, urine or sauces etc.

Snaxin 202 Anti-Rust Stains
Decomposes rust stains on texttile materials.

Snaxin 303 Anti-Machine Oil Stains
Decompose animal, vegetable, and lubricant stains.

Snaxin 404 Bleach
Removing yellow stains on textile materials.

Snaxin 202 + 404 Used in conjunction with the two chemicals to removes most slight dye stains.

300c.c. /Bottle

20 Bottles/Carton