Tenluxe Ink cleaner fabric&ink stain remover

Tenluxe Inkcleaner

We offer easy Fabric Stain Remover & Ink Stain Remover - Tenluxe Inkcleaners.

Some stains, even with strong sprays of Trichloroethane and Naphtha, can not be cleared totally and will only have a bad effect on the best materials, such as silk and fine-knite clothes. The multi-purpose inkcleaner® is the textile cleaning gun's main complement. Apply onto less-easily removed stains, such as ball-pen, Lipstick, Oil base ink, animal, vegetable, mineral oils or mud stains, then spray with cleaning gun or rinse with water.

To realize the usage of Inkcleaner, please read the Instructions For Use.

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Tenluxe Ink Cleaner

1 Dozen 50 Dozen